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Call to action in Florida: Stop mandatory HPV vaccination of children by opposing SB 1558, HB 1343

Natural News is issuing a call to action in Florida, where two bills are being fast-tracked to force all schoolchildren to take mandatory HPV vaccinations.

Your help is needed to stop the vaccine industry from using state power to claim ownership over children’s bodies across Florida.

The mandatory Florida HPV vaccine bills are SB 1558 and HB 1343. Please take the time to call your representative in Florida and ask them to oppose these two bills. Parents have the right to say NO to vaccines for their children.

If you are not from Florida, you can take action by contacting the sponsors of the bills.

Contact Senator Jose Javier Rodriguez, sponsor of SB 1558 and ask him to withdraw the bill.  Also contact Representative Amy Mercado, sponsor of HB 1343 and ask her to withdraw her bill.

Kindly tell them you don’t think they should be forcing your child to get this vaccine and why you feel that way.
If you are from Florida, call and email your Florida State Senator and Representative and ask them to OPPOSE SB 1558 and HB 1343. Tell them DO NOT become a co-sponsor. Lookup your Florida state representative here for Senate and here for House of Representatives.

HPV Vaccine is an unnecessary, dangerous scam

All medical evidence suggests that HPV vaccines are not necessary. The Human papillomavirus that causes cervical cancer can only be transmitted sexually; therefore, a vaccine intervention is unnecessary for schoolchildren.

Notwithstanding, HPV vaccines contain one of the most dangerous aluminum salts as an adjuvant. These aluminum cations are absorbed into immune-responsive cells after injection. This aluminum travels through the immune system, concentrating in brain tissue, and breaking free to inflict unpredictable damage to surrounding cells. The aluminum toxicity of HPV vaccines is an issue that lawmakers should address; no state should be mandating dangerous aluminum-based vaccines.

To date, 57,520 vaccine reactions reports have been made to the federal Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System regarding Gardasil HPV vaccinations. These reports include 271 deaths by Gardasil. There are an additional 3,579 adverse reaction reports submitted following Cervarix HPV vaccinations, including 17 deaths. This is a small portion of the damages caused by this vaccine, for not all adverse reactions are recorded and reported to VAERS.

This is not a matter to take lightly, for HPV vaccines are proven to be dangerous vectors of neurological damage. Some of the most common adverse events include: Muscle pain and weakness, disabling fatigue, paralysis, brain inflammation, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, optic neuritis, blood clots, spontaneous abortions seizures, convulsions, and cardiac events.

A lead developer of the HPV vaccine has even admitted that the science behind it and the pressure to mandate it is a fraud. Cervical cancer rates are significantly higher for certain elective behaviors.
In 98 percent of cases of HPV transmission, the problem clears up on its own. There are forty different HPV viruses studied, but only four of them have the ability to cause cervical cancer. Behaviors and other factors of immune system health play a role in getting cervical cancer, too. There is no medical necessity to inject Gardasil, Cervarix, or any other hoax HPV vaccine.

The HPV vaccine is already available for those who want to take the risk and get it. It should not be forced by law on every child. The state does not own the children. Legislators should respect the families who have lost children and suffered through vaccine reactions. Legislators should be holding vaccine industry accountable instead of shoving their scam products on the general population. Every family has the right to opt out of unnecessary, experimental, and dangerous medical intervention. (For more, visit Vaccines.News.)

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