Yes, some kids do die from the flu but hundreds of thousands more are legally murdered each year in the name of “women’s health” … Where’s the outrage?

The death of a child is one of the greatest shocks any human can ever experience, and every child lost is a tragedy – no matter the cause of their death. One of the biggest news stories run by every mainstream media outlet each winter is the number of children who have died of the flu that year. These sad statistics are used as a propaganda weapon to push the vaccination narrative by striking fear into the hearts of parents.

According to the latest report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 16 children have died tragically as a result of complications from the flu virus so far this year. This is incredibly sad, but less than a drop in the ocean when compared to the shocking number of children who died via abortion.

The most recent available CDC statistics indicate that a total of about 2,904 people (including children) died of the flu in 2015. In that same year, CDC figures report that 638,169 babies were legally murdered via abortion. So, while the fact that both children and adults die from the flu is incredibly sad, the gulf between these two sets of figures raises an important question: Why does the media go hysterical when children – predominantly babies – die from the flu, but there is nothing but deafening silence from them about the hundreds of thousands of babies aborted each year?

The facts about flu vaccines

Let’s imagine for a minute that none of the 16 children who died from the flu this season had been vaccinated (though that is by no means conclusive fact). If they had received the flu shot is there any guarantee that they would all have survived or not fallen ill in the first place? An examination of the facts shows that having the flu shot doesn’t provide any kind of guarantee of immunity against the most dangerous strains of the flu.

Last year, the 2017/18 flu vaccine was only 17 percent effective in preventing that season’s most dangerous flu strain, known as H3N2, in Canada, 30 percent effective in the U.S. and 10 percent effective in Australia.

The lack of effectiveness of the 2017/18 vaccine was not an anomaly, either. A study by researchers from Rice University predicted that the 2018/19 flu vaccine would prove just as ineffective, providing protection against the most dangerous flu strain in no more than 20 percent of people vaccinated. So far, their predictions have proven to be accurate. (Related: Scientific voices speak out unequivocally about vaccines and their dangers.)

The link between the vaccine and abortion industries

While the issues of vaccines and abortions may seem far removed from each other, in reality they are closely linked. Planned Parenthood provides a never-ending supply of fetuses for the vaccine industry. Independent investigation has confirmed that abortion facilities supply aborted fetuses to researchers at an exorbitant fee. Natural News previously reported:

For decades, doctors and researchers have been developing cell lines from aborted fetuses. In 1964, for example, Dr. Leonard Hayflick successfully created a cell line from the lungs of an aborted 3-month old fetus. The cell line, which was named WI-38, is frequently used by pharmaceutical companies for vaccine production to this day.

Vaccinations which still contain aborted fetal cells include the vaccines for chickenpox, rubella, hepatitis A, rabies, smallpox and shingles.

The media is well aware of just how ineffective the flu vaccine is. Yet, year after year, they continue to push the narrative that flu vaccines save lives. Putting aside the fact that the media is encouraging people to receive a dangerous medical treatment which has an uncertain outcome and guarantees multiple side effects, the question remains: If they care so much about kids dying from the flu, why are they so unconcerned about the hundreds of thousands of babies aborted each year, and the fact that cells from these babies are used to produce the very vaccines the mainstream media promotes?

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